Surgery Clinics

At Compass Cryogenics, we recognize the specific needs of outpatient surgery clinics and are committed to providing tailored support for their medical gas systems. Our expertise and comprehensive services ensure these facilities operate safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all regulations.

Understanding the critical importance of precise environmental conditions in surgical settings, we provide specialized testing services. This encompasses environmental testing and air exchange assessments in operating areas, positive and negative pressure testing, and waste gas testing, ensuring a sterile and safe environment for both patients and medical staff.

Whether setting up new equipment or enhancing existing infrastructure, we ensure seamless integration with minimal disruption to clinic activities.

Compass Cryogenics is committed to adhering to all regulatory standards and safety protocols during installation, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. With our focus on quality and reliability, we deliver seamless integration of these crucial systems, empowering surgery clinics to operate at their best, with enhanced safety and efficiency.

Our installations include state-of-the-art manifold systems that efficiently manage medical gases, ensuring a steady and reliable supply during critical procedures. Additionally, our cryogenic supply systems provide high-purity oxygen essential for surgical environments, supporting optimal patient outcomes.