Medical Gas Experts

Compass Cryogenics is prepared to partner with your organization.

Compass provides annual O2 certification, system verification and system upgrade work. We also handle all aspects of lab and OR atmosphere, environment test and certification.

We are licensed in 17 states. 

We Support You:

Medical Gas Certification

Our staff are all licensed certifiers with NFPA99, CGA M-1, CFR 21-210, CFR 21-211, and ASSE 6030 Standard.

Efficient and Timely

When a repair is needed, we are there for our customers.  We are able to work around operations schedules and get the job done.

Health Care Engineer Approved

As professional health care engineers ourselves, we understand compliance and prompt attention to service needs.!

Meet Some Of Our Team!

Kent Buzard

Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Zborezny

VP of Administration

Dave Sterrett

Chief Operations Officer

Darrell Hazen

VP of Sales & Operations

Service Staff With ASSE 6040 Credential

Client Satisfaction Rating

Follow-up and Client Response Time

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