Reliable Medical Gas Installation, Service, and Compliance Certification

At Compass Cryogenics, we specialize in providing top-tier medical gas service tailored to meet the needs of patient care facilities. Our comprehensive services ensure a reliable supply of essential medical gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide, medical air, medical vacuum, waste anesthetic gases, and other medical gases that are crucial for patient care and procedures. We prioritize safety and compliance with industry standards, offering expert installation, maintenance, and support for uninterrupted service. Whether it’s for hospitals, clinics, veterinarians, dentists, or research labs, our commitment ensures your medical gas systems operate seamlessly, allowing professionals to focus on what matters most – patient health and safety.

 Outlet Repair
 Piping System Repairs
 Piping System Additions
 Temporary Gas Supply
 Third Party Verification 

 Alarm and Monitoring Systems
 Piping Systems and Additions
 Flex Piping Systems
 Temporary Gas Supply
 Third Party Verification 

 Medical Gas Outlets
 Vacuum Outlets
 Medical Gas Sources
 Waste Gas
 Differential Pressure 

 Boom Arm Inspections
 Articulating Arm Repairs
 Medical Boom Arm Installation
 Boom Arm Piping Updates
 Outlet Repair and Replacement 

Experienced team providing evaluation, cost, and turn-around focusing on your medical gas service needs!

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