Dental Clinics

At Compass Cryogenics, we offer support for dental gas manifold systems designed to meet the unique needs of dental practices. Our services assure a reliable and efficient supply of essential gases, such as oxygen and nitrous oxide, ensuring seamless operation during dental procedures.

We can handle every aspect, from customized system design and professional installation to routine maintenance and swift repairs.

Our focus on precision and quality ensures that our services are compliant with industry standards. By choosing Compass Cryogenics, dental clinics benefit from advanced solutions that enhance patient care, operational efficiency, and safety, setting a unique quality standard in dental gas management.

Waste Anesthetic Gas

Routine maintenance and inspection of scavenging systems are essential to their efficacy. Our team conducts regular checks and servicing to ensure optimal performance, quickly identifying and resolving potential leaks or malfunctions.

Additionally, we provide training for dental clinic staff on the proper use and maintenance of scavenging systems. This includes best practices for minimizing exposure, such as utilizing well-ventilated areas, performing regular equipment inspections, and adhering to protocols for the safe handling and disposal of anesthetic gases.

By prioritizing staff safety through reliable equipment, ongoing maintenance, and thorough training, Compass Cryogenics helps dental clinics maintain a safe working environment, ensuring the health and well-being of their dedicated dental professionals.

Dental Clinic Expansion

At Compass Cryogenics, we support dental clinic expansions with the Meditrac medical gas piping system, designed for flexibility and efficiency. Meditrac’s innovative, semi-rigid design allows for easy installation in tight spaces, making it ideal for expanding dental facilities.

Our team of licensed medical gas installers ensures seamless integration of Meditrac systems, providing reliable delivery of medical gases such as oxygen and nitrous oxide. This system is not only cost-effective but also compliant with industry standards, ensuring safety and reliability.

By choosing Compass Cryogenics, dental clinics can efficiently expand their capabilities, enhancing patient care and operational efficiency with cutting-edge medical gas solutions.