Medical Gas System Verification

Every new medical gas installation must undergo verification by an ASSE 6030 verifier. These specialized professionals play a critical role in ensuring that installations are executed correctly and meet all necessary safety and regulatory standards.

Thorough inspections provide assurance that there are no immediate or long-term concerns to worry about regarding the integrity and functionality of the system.

Medical gas verifiers meticulously inspect the pipes and plumbing to confirm proper installation and compliance with relevant codes and standards. They also assess the functionality of essential components such as zone valves, alarm panels, medical gas outlets, and other equipment within the system.

The comprehensive testing process guarantees that all necessary equipment is in place and functioning optimally, empowering healthcare providers to perform their duties effectively and safely.

By engaging ASSE 6030 verifiers, facilities can rest assured that their medical gas systems are not only installed correctly but also fully equipped to support critical operations without compromise. These verifiers uphold the highest standards of quality and compliance, contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of medical gas infrastructure in healthcare settings.

Compass Cryogenics ensures compliance with NFPA 99 regulations by conducting thorough inspections and testing of all new piped systems, additions, renovations, temporary installations, or repaired systems. We provide:

  • Certified ASSE 6030 Medical Gas Verifiers.
  • Quick quote and verification turn-around times for tight schedules.
  • Prioritization of client schedule for rapid verification needs.
  • Verification services are available in more than 15 states.