Surgical, ICU, and Critical Care Flexible Hose Boom Inspections

Compass Cryogenics specializes in safety and reliability. 
  • Inspection of flexible hose connection wear and tear. 
  • Inspection of boom components for flexibility, integrity, and functionality. 
  • Boom internal/external cleaning. 
  • Problem identification, rapid repair quotes, and repair services. 
  • Medical gas service evaluation and additions to booms.
  • Evening and weekend availability to accommodate surgery schedules.
Critical infrastructure is an essential part of the operational efficiency of any facility. Down time is rarely an option for many hospitals already running near capacity.
Compass Cryogenics has expertise in high purity gas systems. We inspect and adhere to the high standards of NFPA99, NFPA30, CGA, and various state department of health organizations.
Flexible line inspections are now required every 18 months based on NFPA99 2018 code updates.
If your booms and flexible line premanufactured assemblies are not compliant, or if you simply aren’t sure, call Compass Cryogenics today for an assessment of your facility.
Preventative maintenance is the best approach.
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