Medical Gas Systems Installation and Upgrades

Compass Cryogenics’ services go beyond repairs, offering expertise in new installations and system upgrades for medical gas systems.

Compass can help you with the following installation and upgrade services:

  • System specification, design, and quote.
  • ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installers
  • Certified and licensed brazing and Lokring installers.
  • Medi-Trac certified installers
  • Certified Tri-Tech Medical gas systems installers.
  • Full-service new installation, retrofit, remodel, and upgrade services.
  • Hospital, dental, veterinary, private practice, and continuing care facilities.

LOKRING Technology
Modern LOKRING solutions can afford medical facilities the convenience of swiftly modifying your medical gas system—shutting it down momentarily, then seamlessly adding a tie-in, tee for future expansion, or capping off a line for renovations within minutes.

It takes less than five minutes to secure a permanent, leak-tight fitting. No brazing is needed, so there’s no requirement for an expensive nitrogen NF purge or burn permit in your facility.

Compass Cryogenics regularly meets with LOKRING for installer recertifications and product education at LOKRING.

As a certified LOKRING installer, Compass Cryogenics is your go-to Medgas ASSE 6010 Installer or ASSE 6030 Verifier when LOKRING Technology LLC is the best solution.

MediTrac Medical Gas Piping System
MediTrac offers a rapid installation alternative to conventional copper tubing for medical gas distribution. Using a single continuous length from the gas source to the terminal device,

MediTrac is jacketed with a fire-retardant polymer, making it safe and flexible. Available in sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 2″, MediTrac is the perfect choice for new construction, renovations, or retrofits in medical, dental, clinic, or care facilities.

Compass Cryogenics is a certified MediTrac installation company. We have conducted major installs for hospital expansion projects, new facilities build-outs, and even temporary COVID treatment facilities at the height of the pandemic.

Discover how Tri-Tech Medical’s commitment to innovation can benefit your facility with enhanced safety, efficiency, and cost savings.

Tri-Tech Medical Inc.
Compass Cryogenics is proud to partner with Tri-Tech Medical, a premier manufacturer renowned for its innovative and high-quality medical gas equipment. We are excited to offer a range of their popular medical gas products, including:

  • Frontall Medical Gas Outlets, Risers, and Conversion Kits: Designed for easy servicing, these products help save both time and money.
  • Genesys Manifolds: Advanced systems for managing medical gases.
  • Med Touch, Integra, and Integra Touch Medical Gas Alarm Panels: State-of-the-art alarm panels for monitoring medical gas systems.
  • E Z Backfeed and E Z Find Zone Valve Boxes: Efficient and reliable solutions for medical gas zoning.
  • Hyperbaric Valve Outlet Boxes: Specialized boxes for hyperbaric applications.
  • Dual Ported Zone Valve Boxes: Versatile valve boxes to suit various medical gas needs.
  • Gas Control Panels and Sleep Lab Control Panels: Precise control panels for a variety of medical settings.